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Research the options available from car rental companies before you leave for your vacation as the rates are usually much higher at the counter of your destination country.

Plan early and make all your rental car arrangements before leaving home including booking your car selection, your payment and car rental insurance.

This is much easier than having to face major decisions in an environment where there may be language barriers, exchange rates to calculate, hidden clause and pressure to choose a vehicle from an inadequate selection.

Book Your Discount Car Rental Early

Make your life easier, your vacation more enjoyable and save time and money by booking well in advance.

Renting vehicles through car rental companies in foreign countries is usually more complicated and more expensive than booking in advance in your own country.

Having that scratched off your To Do List will reduce stress, which you don’t want to bring on your vacation.

Knowing that your rental cars are waiting for you will give you peace of mind and you will be able to relax and enjoy your vacation as it unfolds before you.

Selecting a Vehicle That Suits Your Needs

Have your questions ready when dealing with car rental companies. Here is a list of ideas for you to consider:

  • What size and kind of vehicle you will need?
  • Are you traveling with a group of people and lots of luggage?
  • Are you traveling with young children or teenagers?
  • Do you need a car seat, roof rack or ski rack?
  • Can you drive a standard with a gear shift or do you need an automatic?

It is cheaper to drive a standard if you can. An automatic may cost $100 to $200 extra per week and since they are not the common vehicle of choice, reserve your automatic well in advance.

Car Rental Copmanies
Whether it is a Sports car or a Family car, with a little research you will find the RIGHT car for Your Needs.

Do you really need an SUV or large sedan?

Unless you are traveling with children or a group or friends, you may be comfortable with a smaller model and save money on gas and rental rates.

  • What about additional car insurance?
  • Do you need to purchase extra or does your personal insurance cover unexpected costs required for international car hire or a car rental in Europe?
  • Will you be travelling up and around mountain roads where you will need more engine power, or narrow country roads, hairpin costal roads where a smaller vehicle is easier to maneuver, or will you be coasting along level stretches of highway?
  • What type of fuel does it take, unleaded gas or diesel, and how do you release the gas cap.

Maps and GPS from Car Rental Companies

Planning ahead includes being well prepared with good maps.

Study your maps before you leave for your vacation. I can’t stress that enough because I have found that being familiar with my maps has helped me find my location in new cities and towns overseas with uncanny precision in most cases.

Do a comparison between the cost of renting GPS through car rental companies or downloading international maps from your own GPS provider.

Even if you have GPS or satellite navigation devices, be prepared with your map in case you lose the signal in countryside areas.


Compare Car Rentals Book Your Discount Car Rental Now

There are many details to consider when trying to select the right car rental for your vacation.

Renting an auto in a foreign country may be more complicated than renting a car at home. Check out these practical options.

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Even if it isn’t a Sports Car, Selecting the Right Car Rental will make YOUR Vacation Thrilling!

From liability insurance to international diving permits and the size, interior space, gas mileage and whether to select standard gear shift versus automatic, take time to research your options offered by car rental companies.

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