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Mount Teide – The Highest Point in Spain

One of the main attractions for holidays in Tenerife is the majestic Mount Teide, the highest point in Spain and on the island.

At its highest point, Mount Teide has an elevation of 12,198 feet (3,718 metres) and can be seen from most parts of the island.

Holidays in Tenerife Mount Teide Walking Tours
This is a September View of Mount Teide During the Winter Months the Snow Covered Mountain can be seen from all parts of the Island while the Temperatures are warm at the Lower Altitudes

On Holidays in Tenerife – Explore the Volcanic Mount Teide and Volcanic Tunnels on the Island

This volcano is the third largest on the planet and the area surrounding it has been declared a national park and a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

What makes Mount Teide so unique is the location in the center of Tenerife Canary Islands, the substantial size of the mountain, its looming silhouette and its snowy landscape stunning personality.

While on your Tenerife holidays, find some of the largest volcanic tubes – lava tunnels in the world and the largest lava tube in Europe is located in the northern town of Icod de los Vinos.

Mount Teide Tenerife Holidays Lunar Landscape
A View of the Cable Car Lift with the Volcanic Valley Below on Tenerife’s Mount Teide

Getting to Mount Teide on Your Holidays in Tenerife

There are four scenic roads that lead to the national park, and at the base of the mountain is the visitor centre.

You will be pleased to know that if you are not inclined to plan for an auto rental, the hotels and resorts will guide you in selecting a bus tour to Mount Teide. It’s that easy.

Mount Teide Tenerife Holidays Telerifico
The Telerifico to Mount Teide on Tenerife Canary Islands

What to Wear When Visiting Mount Teide

Since the weather up the mountain can be unpredictable, do bring a warm jacket along on your holidays in Tenerife, long trousers, hiking boots, or running shoes, and whatever else you may need depending on the season you visit.

Holidays in Tenerife Mount Teide Telerifico
Make Sure to Include a Ride up to Mount Teide on Your Island Vacations to Tenerife

My visit was in September so I did not need hat and gloves, but it was very cool in comparison to the hot temperatures down by the beach.

Also bring snacks and water as access to food may be sparse on the first part of your journey up the mountain.

Holidays in Tenerife Telerifico to  Mount Teide
A Spectacular View of the Lunar Landscape of Mount Teide on Tenerife

While you are ascending the roads up to Mount Teide, you will eventually pass through a number of exquisite towns with unique restaurants and one should take the time to stop and enjoy these charming hamlets and the breath-taking views.

Holidays in Tenerife – Visit The Peak of Mount Teide

After an adventurous drive to the volcanic mountain centre on your island vacations, if you do nothing else in this national park, you must take the thrilling ride in the Teleferico (cable car) up to just below the peak.

Mount Teide Island Vacations
It’s Not Everyday I Get to Walk on Lava Rock. Plan a Day Trip to Mount Teide on Your Tenerife Canary Island Vacations

You will feel like you are on top of the world. This 8 minute ride whisks you up to exhilarating views, and on a sunny day, you will be able to see across the entire Canary Islands archipelago.

Holidays in Tenerife Mount Teide Walking Tour
Take a Stroll to the Roques de Garcia behind me on Mount Teide

On an overcast day, you will only see a sea of clouds. Try to plan your trip on a sunny day.

These are not your typical mountain top views. They are mind-boggling lunar volcanic views. After you have arrived with the Teleferico, there are many walking paths you can take.

Mount Teide Tenerife Holidays
Panoramic Views of the Atlantic Ocean from Mount Teide onTenerife Canary Islands

The main paths are:

  • Mirador de la Fortaleza
  • Mirador de Pico Viejo

There are many other spectacular hikes to enjoy, but the best and most exciting walking path is:

  • Oficina del Pargue Nacional del Teide.

Mount Teide Vistas TenerifeOne of the Walking Paths on Mount Teide on Tenerife Canary Islands

This walking path is generally only allowed for scientists to go to the peak of Mount Teide at 3,718 metres and if you want to hike to the very top, you will need to get a permit, which allows you to the top of the peak.

Mount Teide Volcano RocksThe Visitor Center at Mount Teide in Tenerife

If you are visiting the mountain for a day trip, then you will have to apply for a permit in advance to reach the summit.

However, if you plan to stay overnight at the lodge known as Altavista Refuge located at 3,270 metres on the mountain, you will not have to apply for the permit.

Tenerife Holidays Mount Teide
The Stunning Views of Lava Rock as You Drive To and From Mount Teide Tenerife are Sure to Leave You with Memories You Will Not Forget

The cost of lodging is reasonable and to have spent an evening so high up in the world would be memorable to say the least.
Either option is well worth considering and guaranteed to be an exciting adventure on Mount Teide.

Tenerife Holidays Volcano
Views of Lava and Craters on Mount Teide – Tenerife Canary Islands

Here are Some Useful Sites to Help Make Your Journey to Mount Teide an Enjoyable Experience:

Taking the Telerifico up to Mount Teide

Information About Mount Teide National Park on Tenerife

Tenerife Science Observatories near Mount Teide

Some of the most sophisticated of Europe’s astronomical telescopes are located in Tenerife.

The Observatorio Astrofisico de Izana, not accessible to the public and the lesser known of the Canary Islands’ astrophysical research centres is dedicated to solar research.

Holidays in Tenerife Mount Teide Vistas
Experience the Unique Landscapes and Scenic Views from Mount Teide in Tenerife

There is an observatory in the Mount Teide region that can be included in your travel plans.

Find more information here about the Observatory in the Mount Teide Region

The drive up to the mountain to the Teleferico is exhilarating and the views of the charming villages, vistas of the Atlantic Ocean, and the change in flora are stunning.

There are many “Aha moments” as you arrive and see what Mount Teide and Tenerife are all about.

Holidays in Tenerife Ocean Views
This Photo Captures one of the Many Residential Privately Owned Reservoirs on Tenerife as a Method of Collecting Water for Irrigation on the Southern Arid part of this Beautiful Island

The “wow factor” is worth getting up early in the morning on your holidays in Tenerife and setting out on the journey to discover the beauty and intrigue of the peak of this island, vistas and ocean views.

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