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Admire Architectural Design on Your Paris Vacations

Paris architecture is a haven for anyone with an interest in architecture, offering magnificent examples of European styles from almost 2000 years ago, Roman architecture to post-modern.
Paris Opera - Opera Garnier
View of the Paris Opera as seen from the Rooftop of Galeries Lafayette

I started a collection of fascinating Paris architecture in my Paris picture collection and will share a few of them with you here.

I hope these photographs of Parisian architecture will give you an idea of the treat you are in for when you visit Paris.

The Palais Royal offers a splendid courtyard and is surrounded by beautiful gardens, great shops restaurants.

Palais Royale in Paris
The Palais Royal, its Grand Columns and Gardens are an Amazing Site to See

If you are visiting the Louvre Museum, the Palais Royal is not far away and is worth the visit.

Experiencing Paris architecture will make you feel like you are stepping back in time.

The courtyard of Palais Royal is quiet and peaceful and here you can walk around and admire the beautiful architecture or sit around and ponder the views. This is like a secret getaway because many tourists do not realize this courtyard exists.

Grand Palais in Paris
Grand Palais at the Alexandre lll Bridge

The Grand Palais is a large glass exhibition hall and an exquisite example of Parisian architecture.

On the other side of the boulevard is the Petit Palais, a museum with medieval and renaissance paintings.

Both the Grand Palais and Petit Palais are located near the beautiful Alexandre lll bridge.

Alexandre lll Bridge in Paris
The Alexandre lll Bridge on the Seine River

Pont Alexandre lll is one of the most beautiful and romantic bridges in Paris.

This bridge is near the Grand Palais and the Petit Palais.

Take a stroll along one side of the Seine River and cross over the Alexandre lll bridge to the other side and continue your exploration of the many things to do in Paris.

You can also get a fantastic view of the Alexandre lll bridge when you take a Seine River boat cruise.

Paris Architecture Vines on a Building
Building with Moss and Vines Near the Eiffel Tower along the Seine River

Unique Paris Architecture

I was with some dear friends who had decided to walk from our hotel to a restaurant on the Eiffel Tower to celebrate our birthdays.

Our hotel was on the right bank so we walked along the Seine River and crossed over to the left bank via the Alexandre lll bridge.

As we walked along a street near the Seine on the left bank, we saw this amazing building covered in moss and a variety of vines, another stunning example of architecture.

Rooftop Sports Field near Eiffel Tower
Rooftop Sports Field – View from the Eiffel Tower

The views from the Eiffel Tower are magnificent!

Go early in the morning to avoid the lineups.

Have lunch at one of the fantastic restaurants or just hang out on the terrace located on the first level.

Eiffel Tower Restaurant
The Restaurant on the First Level of the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower offers two wonderful restaurants and an outdoor terrace.

If you don’t feel like having lunch or dinner on the tower, pack a lunch and have a picnic in the huge park surrounding the Eiffel Tower.

Another option is to head over to the right bank of the Seine to Trocadéro, the community on top of the hill immediately behind the Palais de Chaillot, as seen in the photo below.

Trocadéro has many great restaurants and you can enjoy a wonderful meal while people-watching and gazing at the Eiffel Tower.

Palais de Chaillot and Trocadéro
Trocadéro and the Palais de Chaillot

Here is another fantastic view from the Eiffel Tower.

The Palais de Chaillot houses many museums including naval, humanity and national monuments.

On your Paris vacations, make sure to take note of not only the grandeur of the Haussmann buildings, but also the intricate details of doorways, arches, bridges, gardens and courtyards found all over the city.

Paris Architecture - Arches
Paris is Endowed with Beautiful and Elegant Entrances

The architecture in Paris is magnificent.

Of the many things to do in Paris, viewing the architecture is worth being on your “To Do” list.

Whether you visit the churches, cathedrals, museums, monuments, or are simply taking a stroll, observe the exquisite details around you wherever you may happen to be.

Paris Architecture Elegant Doorway
Another Unique Door in Paris

I love walking around Paris.

You never know what you will see. I try different side streets and boulevards and am always delighfully surprised with my new discoveries, such as the grand doorway in the photo above and the rainbow of colours below.

I can walk for hours and never get tired of the views in this beautiful City of Light.

Everything is Art in Paris
Light Refracting on the Wall from the Canopy

I walked over to a cyber cafe near Place Charles de Gaulle – Etoille and found that it was closed because of the national holiday in France, Bastille Day on July 14th.

A few doors away from the internet cafe was this awesome sight of colours streaming through the canopy of this building. I was intrigued with this unique form of Paris architecture.

Later that evening, I had the pleasure of watching fantastic fireworks at the Eiffel Tower.

Paris Architecture and Arches
Paris is a City with Lush Flora

Gardening is also an architectural skill in Paris.

As you wander around the city, you will find beautiful parks and gardens.

Paris Arches and Doorways
Paris is an Architectual Jewel Here is a Collage of Vaulted Arches, Grand Doorways and Sculptured Bridges

The collection above includes photos from Place des Vosges, Arc de Triomphe, Boulevard Haussmann, a bridge on the Seine River and a couple of photos from “The Showcase”, a trendy bar and nightclub under Pont Alexandre lll.

This is just a taste of the beautiful Paris architecture you will see on your Paris vacations.

Paris Metro - Entrance  Art and Architecture
In Paris even the Entrance to the Paris Metro is a Work of Art

This entrance to the Paris Metro is located between the Louvre Museum and the Palais Royale.

There are so many things to do in Paris.


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