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Things to Do in Paris 15th Arrondissement

The 15th is the largest arrondissement of central Paris and although it remains heavily residential there are several great museums, parks and other Paris attractions for visitors that are well worth a visit.

On Top of Tour Montparnasse Building in Paris

The Tour Montparnasse is the tallest skyscraper and one of the unique Paris attractions – and the neighbouring Gare Montparnasse train station are both located on the border of the 14th arrondissement and the 15th arrondissement.

Tour Montparnasse View from Notre Dame
The Montparnasse Tower in the Distance as seen from the Notre Dame Cathedral

For romantic views of the City of Love (and City of Lights) plan to visit the top of the Montparnasse Tower.

Even this Paris information site for Tour Montparnasse is spectacular.

You really have to get to the top of this Paris skyscraper because it is a rare experience to be in an ancient city and to be able to walk on the top of a towering building with great panoramic views.
This experience will also be appreciated by the whole family and is a great place to bring the kids.

Things to Do in Paris see Tour Montparnasse
On Top of the Montparnasse Tower with the Best View of the City of Lights The Helipad, Communication and Paris Information Antennas

Located on the Rive Gauche (Left Bank) of the Seine River, the Montparnasse district is shared with the 6th arrondissement and 14th arrondissement. This is one of the city’s most populated areas.

Paris Attractions - Gare Montparnasse Train Station
Gare Montparnasse is a Major Train Metro Station and Paris Information Centre

Front de Seine (Condominiums Along the Seine River)

The 15th arrondissement also contains the Porte de Versailles exhibition centre and the high-rise district of the Front de Seine (or Beaugrenelle) located near the Eiffel Tower.

Font de Seine District in Paris
A Beautiful Bridge at Front de Seine District Along the River Seine in Paris

Front de Seine, a district in Paris, located along the Seine River in the 15th arrondissement right at the south of the Eiffel Tower, is one of the districts hosting the most high rise buildings in the Paris area.

Most tourists don’t notice the high rises which have been popping up over the years because the Paris city planners do great job in maintaining the original look of Paris.

Seine River Highrises in Paris
Highrise Towers on the Seine

The towers of the Front de Seine are of mixed commercial and residential use and the esplanade is paved with frescos that can only be seen from the elevated floors of the towers.

The Paris International Exhibition Centre

Parc des Expositions (located at Porte de Versailles, a station on line 12 of the Paris Métro and a stop on tramway lines 2 and 3) is Paris international exhibition centre, the 4th largest in Europe, and has millions of visitors annually.

Famous Parks and Museums in the 15th Arrondissement

The Pasteur Museum (Musée Pasteur) is a notable Paris attraction housed in the apartment where the great scientist spent the last 7 years of his life and is full of personal memorabilia and scientific instruments.

Pasteur Museum in Paris
Pasteur Museum (Musée Pasteur)

The Musée Bourdelle is an art museum containing more than 500 works of marble, plaster, and bronze statues, paintings, pastels, fresco sketches.

Bourdell Museum in Paris
Bordelle Museum

It includes Antoine Bourdelle’s personal collection of works by other artists including Eugène Carrière, Eugène Delacroix, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Adolphe Joseph Thomas Monticelli, Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, and Auguste Rodin.

It contains the original plaster casts of some of his finest works including 21 studies of Ludwig van Beethoven, as well as document archives and his copies of Greek and medieval works.

Enjoy Nature at the Beautiful Andre Citroen Park

Andre Citroen Park in Paris
Parc Andre Citroen

Parc Andre Citroen is a 35 acre park located on the left bank of the Seine River and was built on the site of a former Citroën automobile manufacturing plant, which closed in the 1970s, and is named after company founder André Citroën.

  • It has two greenhouse pavilions displaying exotic plants and Mediterranean vegetation, and at the southern edge is the “Jardin des Métamorphoses” — composed of an elevated reflecting pool that reaches through granite guard houses, lined by a suspended walkway.
  • In the North side are two small gardens: the six “Serial Gardens”, each with a distinct landscape and architectural design, and a “Garden in Movement” that presents wild grasses selected to respond at different rates to wind velocity.

Jardin Atlantique (Atlantic Garden) is a small garden is near the entrance to the Gare Montparnasse train station at the Tour Montparnasse and features plants native to the Atlantic Ocean and twin museums devoted to World War ll.

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Paris Information – Top Picks of the 15th Arrondissement

  • Front de Seine high-rise district.
  • Jardin Atlantique (Atlantic Garden)
  • Musée Bourdelle – Bourdelle Museum
  • Musée Pasteur
  • Parc Andre Citroen
  • Parc des Expositions (at Porte de Versailles)
  • Tapovan Paris
  • Tour Montparnasse

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