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Things to Do in Paris 5th Arrondissement

Paris Tourist Information – The 5th Arrondissement is one of the city’s central districts and is best known for unique sites such as the Pantheon and the ancient ruins of Arena of Lutece of the Roman era.

Located on the Left Bank (Rive Gauche) of the Seine River, this Paris arrondissement is notable for being the location of the Latin Quarter (Quartier Latin), a district dominated by medieval and many winding cobblestone streets, splendid cultural and romantic restaurants, great bargain shopping, universities, colleges, and prestigious high schools.

Paris Sorbonne University Rooftop View
Sorbonne University – Rooftop View

The first great Parisian university, the Sorbonne, was founded here and still thrives today, and Latin was the language the medieval period students spoke at that time.

Paris Sorbonne University
Sorbonne – the University in Paris

The area still has a significant student presence, with several universities and schools of higher education being located in this Paris arrondissement.

This is a great place to be a student as there are so many things to do in Paris when you need a break from your studies.

Paris Tourist Information – Universities and Colleges in Paris:

  • Collège de France
  • Collège international de philosophie
  • University of Paris
  • Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris
  • Sorbonne

Paris Attractions - College de France in Paris
Collège de France

The 5th Paris arrondissement is also one of the oldest districts of Paris, dating back to ancient times, first built by the Romans.

If antiquity fascinates you as much as intrigues me, check out these places:

  • Arènes de Lutèce, a Roman amphitheatre
  • Thermes de Cluny, a Roman thermae
  • The Pantheon

The Pantheon in Paris
The Pantheon

Paris Tourist Information – Visit Antiquity in Paris

The construction of the Roman town Lutetia dates back from the 1st century BC, which was built after the conquest of the Gaulish site, situated on the île de la Cité by the Romans.

The 5th arrondissement, the core of ancient Gallo-Roman Paris, reveals a number of rare archaeological remains that can be seen within the district such as the Square des Arènes de Lutèce – Arena of Lutece.

You many want to put these on your list of things to do in Paris.

The Pantheon
The Pantheon

Some great features of the Latin Quarter are the great Paris restaurants and bistrots, charming boutique hotels – and then there is the baroque Fontaine Saint-Michel, a lovely, architecturally striking water fountain.

The Boulevard Saint-Michel is a great boulevard to stroll during your vacation in Paris with many great shops and reasonably priced fashion outlets.

Not far past the Fontaine Saint Michel are wonderful cobblestone side streets with great restaurants and cafes, and lots of party life and laughter.

Fontaine Saint Michel in the Latin Quartier
Fontaine Saint Michel in the Latin Quartier;

Paris Vacations – Top Picks of the 5th Arrondissement

  • Square des Arènes de Lutèce – Arena of Lutece
  • Fontaine Saint-Michel Boulevard Saint-Michel
  • La Grande Mosquée (Great Mosque of Paris)
  • Musée National d’Histoire Naturelle Jardin des Plantes
  • Musee de l’Institute du Monde Arabe
  • Musée National du Moyen Âge Musée (Museum of Middle Ages) hosting the Thermes de Cluny
  • Musée de la Sculpture en Plein Air
  • The Panthéon and the Place du Panthéon
  • Quartier Latin (The Latin Quarter)

Inside the Pantheon
Inside the Pantheon

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