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Things to Do in Paris 11th Arrondissement

Paris Travel Ideas for the 11th Arrondissement – This district has a lovely atmosphere and is a varied and engaging, with some wonderful Paris shopping, monuments and charming streets which will pleasantly surprise you.

On the Right Bank of the Seine River, the 11th is one of the most densely populated urban districts of the French capital and of any European city

The location is great as you can easily walk here from downtown Paris. The Marais district is nearby for more romantic strolling or dining, and adventurous shopping.

Bastille and Austerlitz in Paris
The Lively Area of Bastille

In the west part of the 11th Paris arrondissement lies a district called Popincourt, located between the Place de la République and the Place de la Bastille, while in the east is the tree-lined Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, with its large markets and children’s parks.

Place de la Republique
Place de la République

Paris Travel Ideas to the Historical Storming of Bastille

The Place de la Bastille is a square in the 11th Paris arrondissement where the Bastille prison stood until the ‘Storming of the Bastille’.

There are Paris tours of this area which take you to see the remnants of the Bastille prison and discuss the history of the French Revolution.

The prison was destroyed between July 14, 1789 and July 14, 1790 during the French Revolution.

The July Column (Colonne de Juillet) commemorates the events of the July Revolution of 1830 and stands at the center of the square.

July Column in Bastille
The July Column at Bastille – Daytime and Evening Views

Party and Lounge at the Fashionable Place de la Bastille

Formerly a working class district, another great feature of the 11th Paris arrondissement is that it is less touristy than other Paris attractions but offers a diversity of atmospheres (lively streets and quiet alleys) and is now a fashionable area especially in Place de la Bastille, Rue Oberkampf and Rue de Lappe, which are full of fashionable cafés, restaurants, and popular for nightlife.

For Paris shopping lovers who travel to Paris for unique purchases, these lively streets also contain a range of boutiques and galleries and transportation getting you there is excellent, with the 11th Paris arrondissement boasting the greatest number of underground stations.

Rues de Charonne and d’Oberkampf will charm lovers of rock music, leather jackets and motorbikes, as there are plenty of bars to visit without feeling any sense of danger.

On the other hand, the beautiful Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine is well worth a leisurely stroll towards La Nation where you can browse in the fabulous craftsmens’ stores along the way.

In the last ten years, the 11th Paris arrondissement has emerged with perhaps the best combination of new “in” things to do in Paris, with artists’ spaces and intriguing passageways.

Paris Attractions - Cirque d'hiver Winter Circus
Cirque d’Hiver – the Winter Circus

Cirque d’Hiver (the “Winter Circus”) at the intersection of rue Amelot, the rue des Filles Calvaires and rue Amelot has been a prominent venue for circuses, exhibitions of dressage, musical concerts and other events, today also including fashion shows.

The 11th Paris arrondissement has a lot to offer. The district is excellent for artists, and offers great restaurants and lively neighbourhoods.

Top Paris Travel Ideas – for the 11th Arrondissement

  • Boulevard du Temple
  • Cirque d’hiver
  • Musée Édith Piaf
  • Place de la Bastille

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