Comfortable Travel Clothes

Comfortable Travel Clothes

Tasteful Travel Clothing for a Fun Vacation

It is worthwhile to select comfortable travel clothes, dress sharp and be well presented when travelling to foreign countries.

Travel Clothes Can Impact Customer Service

Your appearance and travel clothing can impact the service you receive, whether you are trying to secure a good room, a good table or asking for travel directions.

At some restaurants and bars, you may be turned away if you are not properly dressed.

In some countries it may be advisable to wear travel clothing that fits in with the locals and I would advise that you research their dress codes or fashion styles.

The reason is not only to avoid being a target of pickpockets, but also to create a level of comfort with your new environment and be treated with respect by the people that you meet.

Colours and Travel Clothes

Colour coordination, mixing and matching with classic dark travel clothing, neutral and earth-tone colours such as black, brown, navy and beige are a safe bet.

Dressy Casual Travel Clothes

A decent pair of pants with a sharp-looking shirt or blouse, or a smart-looking sweater will get you in the door at any restaurant, theatre, symphony or opera.

Travel Packing Tips for Clothes

  • For women, I have found that dark coloured dresses for formal evening wear are preferred over brighter colours when going out for dinner in cultural cities.
  • Men should take one classic sports jacket, shirt and a tie if planning to have dinner in an up-scale restaurant.
  • Ties are a requirement in some classy restaurants at dinner time and it’s better to be prepared.
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Comfortable and Versatile Travel Clothing

Pack travel clothing that is comfortable and versatile but be aware that wearing shorts is uncommon in many cities of the world.

Sporty Travel Clothes

They are considered to be either for sports or beachwear to be worn in lakeside or coastal seaside resort towns and villages.

Whether you are walking in and out of buildings or travelling to higher destinations like taking a cable car or funiculare up to mountain tops, bring a few layers of travel clothes.

Layering is the best way to prepare for changes in temperature.

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Wear Nice Travel Clothes

Even in resort towns, I usually wear a nice skirt and blouse when I go into town to have lunch or dinner or do some shopping.

Magellans - Your Trusted Source of Travel SuppliesCropped pants for women like Capri’s and long safari shorts for men are ideal travel clothes.

For more travel clothing and packing tips, check out Magellan for thousands of travel items, and help to breeze through security.


Travel Clothing Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Do not wear high heels for hiking or trekking.
  • Walking in and out of restaurants, department stores, and museums will have you taking off or putting on your jacket or coat any time of the year.
  • Many churches have a dress code for men, women and children.
  • No shorts or bare shoulders.
  • If it’s a very hot day and you are dressing light, bring along a t-shirt or scarf to cover your shoulders.
  • When packing your travel clothing, bring a shawl to wrap around over your skirt or skort if it is too high above the knees.

Travel Clothes Wear Comfortable ShoesMy Teva Travel SandalsComfortable Shoes and Sandals

Wear comfortable, clean, nice-looking shoes or sandals. Birkenstock sandals are very comfortable and can be worn most anywhere.

Travel Clothes Hotel de Paris French RivieraHotel de Paris beside the Monte Carlo Casino

In some towns and cities, you may want to avoid wearing white sports, tennis or jogging shoes as they scream “tourist” and “too casual”.

Some restaurants, fancy bistros and bars have dress codes and you may be turned away.

Look for wash and wear, wrinkle-free, quick-drying, and pickpocket-proof travel clothing.

Popular Brands of Travel Clothing

Here is a list of some of the most popular brands of travel clothes to help you get started in selecting your travel clothing needs:
Travel Clothes Rockport Shoes

Travel Clothes Bring A Tie

Travel Clothing Men's Tie Protector

  • Contourwear
  • Ecco Shoes
  • EMS Eastern Mountain Sports
  • Ex Officio
  • Magellan Travel Supplies
  • Mephisto
  • Orvis Stores
  • REI
  • Rockport Shoes
  • The North Face
  • Tilley Endurables
  • Teva Shoes and Sandals
  • TravelSmith
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