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This picture brings back fun and fond memories full of travel stories.

The setting was tranquil, exotic and simply beautiful at a lakeside pool of a luxury hotel in the charming town of Bellagio on Lake Como, Italy.

You may ask “How did I discover this oasis” or “What led me here”? Movies did play a big part in my curiousity of this stunning Italian alpine lake. I love spy and action movies, and romance movies too, especially ones with great scenery.

After watching the James Bond movie Casino Royale, I researched to find the filming locations and discovered that two beautiful villas on Lake Como were featured in that movie.

Travel Stories Villa Balbionello
Villa Balbianello has been the location of many Famous Films and Travel stories

A friend told me that “A Month by the Lake” featuring Vanessa Redgrave, Uma Thurman and Edward Fox was also filmed on Lake Como and a lot of it was shot at Villa Balbianello, only a kilometre away from my hotel in Lenno. Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones was also filmed here at Villa Balbianello.

I am sure you have exciting travel stories to tell and I would love to hear them.
I will be setting up an option for you to share your stories – which is not yet ready.
My readers will be thrilled too!

Travel Stories James Bond Villa Gaeta
Villa Gaeta is where James Bond shoots Mr. White in the movie Casino Royale. Villa Gaeta is not easy to get to – But I did it!

Share YOUR Own Travel Stories Here

  • Perhaps you discovered a romantic bistro, restaurant or mouth-watering bakery while walking around in circles on cobblestone streets.
  • Did you go on cruise vacations, or singles vacations?
  • Maybe you rested and relaxed at a quiet villa or seaside resort, and read your favourite book.
  • Did you go walking, hiking, skiing or jogging in places that you found inspiring and thought “Wow” what an amazing place?

Your reviews of hotels and resorts are also welcome. As you know, travelling anywhere new is full of the unknown and any advice you have to offer will be greatly appreciated.

I would love to hear your exciting, and your not so exciting travel stories too! If you had bad experiences at hotels and restaurants, please let us know.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experiences with me and my readers!


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Share More of Your Exciting Travel Stories

If you have vacation stories and experiences that do not fit into any of the above categories, use this page to share Your Stories or Reviews.

When you send in your story, I will convert it into a Web page where visitors can enjoy your generous travel stories, tips and reviews.

Your Exciting Travel Stories
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