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Best Travel Luggage

Travel Tips for Packing Luggage

On longer trips, one reminder on my vacation packing list is to learn to travel light; one suitcase, only two-thirds full and one carry-on bag (with wheels, a retractable handle and shoulder strap option) or a healthy back bag and do not over pack.

Travel Packing Tip Do Not Overpack

Leaving home with a heavy load can be a discouraging way to start your special vacation.

Once you are visiting amazing places, you may decide to do some serious shopping and you will appreciate having that extra room in your suitcase. A vacation packing list will help you organize.

You could stuff an empty healthy back bag into your suitcase in case you want to do extra shopping, but remember some airlines may charge an additional fee for extra baggage.

Weight of your luggage is also a factor that may incur additional costs with many airlines. You can buy weight scales with a hook specifically designed for testing the weight for your luggage whether you use kilograms or pounds. Include the scale on your vacation packing list.

You simply hang your luggage by the handle on the hook and lift up with both hands to see the weight.

Travel Packing Tips Leave Room for Souveniers

Leave some extra room in your baggage for those souveniers you are planning to buy.

If you are going on cruise, one of the most important of travel packing tips is to be aware that there is not much room for too much luggage in most of the cruise cabins unless you book a large suite.

Another reason to travel light, especially for women, is that you can carry your own luggage. If you have too much to carry, you may find that the helpful stranger may take off with your best travel luggage.

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There is no need to include an extra supply of toiletries on your vacation packing list because you can now buy most of your favourite products in most international cities if you run out, and it is a lot of fun to go shopping in the local stores.

I have run out of products such as contact lense solutions, soaps, hand lotions, bandages and many other important items many times and have been delighted to find my product or something similar in any city I have visited.

I have a friend who had her broken eye glasses replaced in a different country, so the best of my travel packing tips is to go as prepared as you can but don’t stress out because the world has become very resourceful.

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Travel Packing Tips for Travelling with Pets

Travelling with pets adds more complications to your trip.

It may be more comfortable for you and your pet family member to make other arrangements closer to home.

I know you love them and will miss them, but trust me it will be a happy reunion once you are back together again.

My Vacation Packing List

I lay my clothing flat in my suitcase. My pants and Capri’s go in first. Then my skirts, shorts and dresses go on top of the pants.

My sweaters, tops and blouses go on top. I then fold the arms in, followed by the dresses and the pant legs.

Travel Packing Tips How to Pack

For men, I would recommend pants on the bottom and alternate sweaters and shirts and then fold the sleeves in followed by the pant legs.

In most cases, I have been able to eliminate the wrinkles with a water mister.

Simply bring a small empty hairspray bottle, fill with water, mist the wrinkled clothing and smooth out with your hands.

Hang on a clothing line or over a chair overnight.

That worked very well for me until I decided to bring cotton sun-dresses. For those I use a lightweight travel steamer iron.

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If travelling as a couple or a family – pack some of each family member’s things in each suitcase for air travel. In the event a bag goes missing, everyone still has clothes, rather than someone having no clothes at all.

Add packing cubes and you won’t believe where the extra room came from.

Packing cubes also keeps things organized and you can throw them in hotel drawers, which makes repacking easier if you are moving around.

Best Travel Luggage

Many travellers prefer a healthy back bag and another option in my vacation packing list is to select lightweight roll aboard bags. Roll aboard bags are light and easy to manoeuvre.

Healthy Back BagSome of the internet’s lightest brands of the best travel luggage are:

  • American Tourister iLite XL
  • Delsey Zip Lite Hardside
  • Eagle Creek Hovercraft
  • Ricardo Hillcrest
  • Rick Steves Upright
  • Travelpro TPro Extreme Lite
  • Heys spinner luggage is fantastic!

Heys spinner luggage is evenly divided and makes packing a breeze. Also moves in any direction, can be pulled or pushed and the 20″ will go sideways down narrow airplane aisles.

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Lightweight Easy to Stow Train Reaction – Luggage Stabilizing Device:

If you’re traveling with two or more pieces of wheeled luggage, the Train Reaction – Luggage Stabilizing Device allows you to roll 2 pieces of luggage with half the effort of one.

You can also add a third piece of luggage and still be perfectly balanced. This device helps you find the perfect center of gravity, thus reducing the amount of effort you’ll have to put into moving it.

It removes all vertical weight and downward pressure on your hand or arm.

Best Golf Travel Bag

Best Travel Golf BagGoing golfing on your trip and looking for the best golf travel bag?

Some of the best are:

  • Ogio Golf Travel Bag,
  • Callaway Golf Travel Bag
  • Quick Trip Golf Travel Bag.

Vacation Packing List for Travel Accessories

There are so many clever vacation travel accessories available to make your trip more enjoyable, but take only what you will need for your specific travel needs.

Vacation Travel Accessories Hot RollersCheck your high wattage appliances such as hair dryers, irons and steamers for the switch indicating 120v or 240v.

Check your vacation travel accessories for the low wattage appliances (less than 50 watts)for the electrical specifications imprinted on the appliance itself or on the battery chargers such as:

  • curling irons,
  • shavers,
  • battery chargers for digital cameras,
  • camcorders,
  • IPod’s, Notebook computers,
  • shavers, and toothbrushes.

The imprint will say, “120v/240v” if the appliance is dual voltage. If it says 110v or 120v the appliance is not dual voltage and you will need to bring a converter.

Travel Tips for Packing Luggage International AdaptersYou can purchase adaptors for the specific continent you will be visiting, or adaptor/converter kits which cover over 150 countries such as:

  • Voltage Valet Auto-Switching Converter,
  • Travelon Universal Adaptor Plug,
  • 50/2000 Watt Voltage Converter Kit
  • Travelon’s Worldwide Adaptor and USB Charger with Surge Protection.Several great travel irons are the Brookstone Steam Bug travel steam iron, the Conair GS19 Deluxe Handheld Fabric Steamer, Voltage Valet Travel Iron with Spray Steam, and the Rowenta DA-35 Latitude 35.

If you purchase a good quality Mini-pocket umbrella and only use it for your travels, it will last you a long time and be easy to pack.

Include a Travel Power Bar in Your Vacation Packing List

If you travel with a lot of electronics (cameras, laptops, GPS, cell phones) – take a travel power bar.

Staterooms and hotel rooms are short on outlets. This way you can charge everything all at once and not be caught with a dead battery.

Night light – even with an outside stateroom – it is very dark at night. If you have to get up in the middle of the night – that bathroom light can sear your eyeballs. With a night light, you don’t have to leave the bathroom light on.

Other Travel Accessories to Consider for Your Vacation Packing List:

  • Conair Instant Heat 2-in-1 Straightener and Curling Iron
  • Travel Smart by Conair Instant Heat Hair Setter
  • Conair Travel Hair Dryer
  • Baggallini Curling Iron Cover
  • Ballallini Hand Bags
  • The Luggage Retriever (for finding your bags on the luggage carousel)
  • Austin House Ear Planes ear plugs
  • Wordlock Luggage Lock – International Air Transport Association (IATA) approved
  • Travel clocks
  • Money belts
  • Cable lock and door alarm

Travel Packing Tips Curling Iron CoverVacation Travel Accessories Curling IronTravel Packing Tips Ear PlugsTravel Packingt Tips Baggallini Hand BagsTravel Packing Tips Travel Iron and SteamerRick Steves Luggage

Two of my favourite sources of reference which cover a vacation packing list of most lightweight travel back bags, luggage are PackingLight and AdventureClothing.

Concerned about not being able to communicate in a different country? Don’t sweat it and get yourself a handheld talking translator. The most popular brands are Lingo, SVAT, and Ectaco.

Travel Tips for Packing Luggage Healthy Back Bags
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